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How to calculate pricing and resources for cloud computing?

Researchers in the University at Buffalo School of Management have developed a new algorithm that cloud computing service providers can use to establish pricing and allocate resources. Forthcoming in [...]

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Kloxo-MR 7 Update problem: upcp & cleanup shows no such file

Kloxo-MR 7 Update problem: upcp & cleanup shows no such file or directory One of the most common Kloxo-MR 7 update problem is sh /script/upcp  & sh /script/cleanup returns No Such [...]

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Free Download Managers 2018

11 Free Download Managers The best free download managers to manage your large music and software downloads Download managers are special programs and browser extensions that help keep large downloads [...]

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How to learn Python Programming?

Your objective is to learn Python programming. Everybody has to learn Python. You are looking for a book that will make that easier for you. One possibility, one that [...]

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How To Turn Web App Into A Native App

The history of the internet is littered with companies who failed because they did not adapt to new technology. Blockbuster missed the boat on video streaming, Borders didn’t [...]

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How to Install a Linux Web Server (Ubuntu)

Installing a web server for a production environment, with Ubuntu as operating system, is not too difficult because most of the required packages don’t need a lot of [...]

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How to use Mailgun with MyMail the newsletter plugin for WordPress?

Like most of you I use MailChimp to publish newsletters and for the management of my mailing list. If the number of subscribers becomes bigger it’s often more [...]

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business

The research found significant gaps between companies who have already adopted and understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) and those lagging. AI early adopters invest heavily in analytics expertise and [...]

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How To Avoid ERP Implementation Failure

ERP implementation failure is a common thing not only among the entrepreneurs who don’t know how to properly integrate an ERP system into their companies, but also among [...]

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The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

The threat that automation will eliminate a broad swath of jobs across the world economy is now well established. As artificial intelligence (AI) systems become ever more sophisticated, another wave [...]

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