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How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business

The research found significant gaps between companies who have already adopted and understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) and those lagging. AI early adopters invest heavily in analytics expertise and [...]

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How To Avoid ERP Implementation Failure

ERP implementation failure is a common thing not only among the entrepreneurs who don’t know how to properly integrate an ERP system into their companies, but also among [...]

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The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

The threat that automation will eliminate a broad swath of jobs across the world economy is now well established. As artificial intelligence (AI) systems become ever more sophisticated, another wave [...]

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Kloxo MR centos vps dedicated server Herald Lynx Lahore Pakistan

How to Install Kloxo-MR 7 on CentOS VPS

Kloxo-MR is another alternative of free web hosting / server control panel that can be solution for you who don’t want to manually setup their webserver. The software [...]

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Solution Of WAMP Displaying: 403 Forbidden Message

Most of the times when you install WAMP server you may face an error when you try to open local host by giving “localhost/your_website” in your browser 403 Forbidden: [...]

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Pagination with Jquery, PHP , Ajax and MySQL [Version 2]

It is a update for the tutorial Pagination with jQuery, MySQL and PHP with added extra features like First, Previous, Next and Last buttons. Use it and enrich [...]

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Email Verification Using PHP

Registering Users through Email Verification This tutorial demonstrates about registering users and activating their accounts using email verification system. Database Sample database users table contains four columns uid, email, password, activation [...]

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Private Message System in PHP / MySQL

This script will lets you create a Personal Message System easily. The Personal Message System that we are going to build uses the Members Area: Members Area in php mysql Our [...]

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Cpanel Web Development Web Designing VPS Hosting POS ERP -Herald Lynx Lahore Pakistan

Creating email accounts & forwarders on webmail using PHP & CPanel API

Recently one of our clients asked: “Can I create email accounts within a php script?” Taking in consideration high possibilities of cPanel API we have decided to search [...]

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Making Friendship System In PHP / MySQL

In this tutorial you will find out how to make a friendship system with following features sending friendship request, accepting friendship request or showing friends list using PHP [...]

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