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Point of Sale (POS)

Cloud-Based Point of Sale (POS) Solution

Osprey is a general purpose Point of Sale (POS) system which is suitable for nearly every type of retail shop. With our cloud based solution your data is always secure.

Osprey Point of Sale solution you can increase your daily sales by processing multiple orders simultaneously. Speeding up the entire process using search via bar-code scanner feature. Keep track of your sales, stock and maintain record of your customers.

Point of Sale (POS) Solution Herald Lynx Lahore Pakistan


Stock Management

With our Point of Sale you can manage stock and inventory items, such as OTC drugs, snacks, cosmetics, greeting cards, and more.

Quotations & Invoicing

With our POS solution you can easily print receipts for quotation, invoicing & sales.

Barcode Generation / Scanning

Our Point of Sale support’s UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc for bar-code scanning, generation & printing. You can scan bar-codes to search your existing products and / or you can generate and print bar codes for new products.


Our Point of Sale (POS) provides different type of reporting to keep an eye on your business such as Sales Reports, Customer Reports, Inventory Reports, Employee Reports, and more.

Multiple Users & Roles

Control who see’s what. Using our POS you can easily manage users and their permission by choosing what they can see.

SMS Notifications

Our solution allows you to use third party SMS gateways for sending customized notifications to your customers

Giftcards & Rewards

With our POS you can generate gift cards for your customer and use them as payment method.

Suppliers & Customers

With our Point of Sale (POS) you can maintain record of your customers & suppliers with few simple clicks.

Up-time & Data Safety

Unlike other solutions, where all of the customer’s data depends on local system and in-case of hardware failure or natural disaster everything is lost, our Point of Sale solution runs on cloud which means it will never go down and your data will always be secure.

Backups & Security

Our POS solution comes with advance backup system which allows off-site & on-site backups of at-least a month. Our POS solution comes with advanced integrated security which ensures the safety of your data against hackers.

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